Circuit is a player versus player game mode along an enclosed 2-3 lap course.

The available selection of Circuit courses depends on the player's current rank on the

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. A higher rank will unlock more circuit courses.

The starting grid of all circuit races consists of three rival racers and the player. All participants have a chance to earn a 'Perfect Start' during the race countdown by hitting the optimal rev range before the countdown is completed.

The awarded amount of [[1]] and cash is dependent on the player's rank on the Tony, their finishing position and if the [Police Department|Rockport Police Department] was involved at any point during the event.



Name Start Location Length
Circuit Belleville & Portland View Saint Mark's,Chinatown 5.7 mi 9.1 km
Circuit Cold Burn Chinatown,Trenton 9.3 mi 14.9 km
Circuit Saint Mark's (Circuit) Red Light District,Saint Mark's 4.1 mi 6.6 km
Circuit Trenton & Liberty Campus Portland View,Saint Mark's 6.1 mi 9.8 km
Circuit Trenton (Circuit) Port of Portland,Portland View 4.3 mi 6.9 km